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The “AMAKA SKI” is born: pratical, economical, pocket-sized, quick to assemble, resistant to pressure and cold.

It was the winter of 1987 in Courmayeur when two young friends, both Bocconi students from Milan, transformed a simple but ingenious idea into a real and authentic business. During a skiing break, as they were looking for seats at a hut, they noticed a skier who planted his skis in the snow, rested his ski poles on his ski bindings, then wrapped and buttoned his jacket around the skis, creating a chair with a backrest. The shape was that of a beach chair, only that instead of sand… there was snow! "It would be an innovative product, certainly original and with no competitors... we had to try. Absolutely!" say the two entrepreneurs. In fact, once returned to Milan from this inspiring holiday, the duo created a practical, easy to assemble, pocket-sized, cold-resistant and economical product with the help of their university friends.

APRIL 11TH 1988

Brekka is born.

Since the “AMAKA SKI” success was so immediate, the product was born before the brand. The two men knew they had a short amount of time to find a simple name that had to be recognizable, impactful and easy enough to overcome language barriers. So, while more than 3 million skiers visited the snow-capped mountains and the Italian Alberto Tomba won 2 gold medals at the Winter Olympics in Calgary, the two young entrepreneurs created a new brand from the fusion of the first syllables of their surnames: Bressi and Cannilla, On the 11th of April 1988 Brekka was founded.



Participation in the MIAS tradeshow.

After many months of preparation and hard work, Brekka made its first appearance at the MIAS fair (International Fair for Sporting Equipment) with its main product: the “AMAKA SKI”. Needless to say, the product attracted the immediate interest of the market.


“La Rinascente” and “COIN” give the go-ahead to Brekka.

Only a few months after the MIAS tradeshow, the “AMAKA SKI” success was confimed by its extraordinary sell-out in stores and department stores such as “COIN” and “La Rinascente”, where the product became a best selling item as a Christmas gift.


The IDEA SKI and PANTASKI come to life. In the same year the first exports begin: France, Spain, Switzerland and Austria.

Following the impressive success of the AMAKA SKI, Brekka presented two innovative products: the IDEA SKI and the PANTASKI. The IDEA SKI was three-product set: it combined a waist pack, a ski carrier and an AMAKA SKI for a perfect day on the slopes. The PANTASKI was an innovative ski pant, developed in a variety of fluorescent colors with Japanese prints. The success these products had in Italy were a quick leeway into major international markets, opening to company up to exports in countries like France, Spain, Switzerland and Austria.



The first logo is designed, ISPO participation & first overseas exports: Japan, Korea, USA and Canada.

The '90s began in the best way Brekka could ever imagine: its participation in the ISPO tradeshow secured new overseas exports to Japan, Korea, USA and Canada. The success brought the necessity to develop an official logo. They opt for a simple design that highlights the Italian origins and identity by integrating, in the letter E of the name, a red and a green line - deliberately inversed to the order on the national flag. A simbol for remembering the importance of thinking outside the box and to live life courageusly.

APRIL 1992

An innovative new approach to designing accessories: CRAZY HATS and ANTIFREEZE MASKS. First team riders: Tomba and Ghedina.

By the middle of 1992, Brekka felt the need to identify itself with a stronger logo: the new version showed a stylized, moving man's body with a spiral head in a squared box. The pay-off read "Brain at Work" and it represented the company's values and attitude. In the same year, with the introduction of products such as the ANTIFREEZE MASKS and the super successful CRAZY HATS, Brekka corroborated its spot in the international market conquering a large public who wanted to live in a stylish and stress-free way. In fact, Brekka products made high-altitude skiing more fun: to wear a crazy hat meant being excited, fun-loving and carefree. The Italian brand also became official sponsor of the Italian Ski Federation and famous riders such as Alberto Tomba, Kristian Ghedina and Deborah Compagnoni.


Brekka grows.

In 1998 the thinking man of the company's logo lost its payoff and broke free from its frame, much of this anticipated great changes that would come in 2011.

VOLCOM chooses Brekka for its distribution.

1998 was a year of innovation from a business stand point: in August the company became the distributor for the VOLCOM brand, a brand destined to become market leader in the street-urban style. The long-sightedness of the two Milanese entrepreneurs was that of envisionioning a huge potential in what was still a back-yard garage company.



Development of knit accessories and the golden years for fleece.

In the new millennium Brekka became even stronger in international markets. The presence of the Milanese brand began to be perceived as something more than a simple product as it affirmed itself in the world of winter sporting goods, so much so that it decided to branch into knit accessories and to develop a wider range of made in Italy fleece clothing. In short, a supreme breakthrough in quality: from product to brand.



One of Brekka's iconic hats sees the light of day: the BUBBLE PON.

In 2010, the knit-collection welcomes its best-selling hat ever: The BUBBLE PON. Now an iconic product, each year it secures its position on the best-selling podium thanks to its characteristic handmade workmanship and its inner thermal microfleece band.

JULY 2011

A big change for Brekka.

Between the end of 2011 and early 2012, the company proceeded to a decisive restyling of the brand, thus becoming more modern and less tied to the 90's. Orange becomes the primary color in logo and a new slogan was developed: "SMART LIVING OUTDOOR".



The new Brekka logo promoted the development of a new innovative and sophisticated product: in September 2013 the “Holiday Down Jacket” was designed. A lightweight and packable jacket padded with high quality feathers inserted directly into the jacket without the use of 'feather bags'.

Smiley Licence

In the same year, the company began collaboration with the “SMILEY” brand as its licensee.


"ANTARCTICA" collection.

Brekka identifies new opportunities in the growth of its clothing collections. The success of the “HOLIDAY DOWN JACKET” opened the door to high-performing products such as the Parka Jackets of the “ANTARCTICA” line. A line that is inspired by coats used during Antarctic expeditions: warm, waterproof and padded with real goose down.

MARCH 2016

PR collaboration with STYLEHEADS for Germany and Austria & with NORTH COMMUNICATION for France.

The steady European and global growth led Brekka to seek the collaboration of public relation agencies in order to consolidate its commercial efforts. So it was that Brekka signed collaboration agreements with North Communication for French territories and with Styleheads for German and Austrian territories. These collaboration quickly bore results with articles in highly popular magazines and on social networks, captivating the attention and style of known influencers.


"LIVING PARKA" collection.

For the upcoming 2017 fall/winter season, along with an always wider accessories collection, Brekka will present its new and improved clothing line with a special focus on the “LIVING PARKA” project. A tribute to the legendary '80s, the collection is a reinterpretation of an iconic fashion-piece as well as the lifestyle it represented and still represents.

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