Brekka is an Italian urban-tech-inspired clothing and accessories brand. Founded in Milan in 1988, Brekka is a leading pioneer in research and development of clothing products made for urban and outdoor environments. Using stylish details, functionality and technology, Brekka perfectly captures the essence of modernity.

THE 80's

In 1987, during a holiday in Courmayeur, the 22 year-old Andrea Bressi and Claudio Cannilla had a hunch that would completely change the rest of their lives. The idea is simple but clever and came from observation: many skiers, between ski runs, love to rest in the sun, but the huts often don’t provide enough deckchairs for everyone. Once they returned to Milan, the two friends worked together to turn their idea into reality. They selected the highest quality nylon fabric, designed colourful layouts and created an impactful and evocative name.
The result was the first prototype of Amaka Ski, a fluorescent yellow pocket deckchair that uses skis and poles as a frame. It’s practical, quick-to-assemble, cold- resistant and its originality means it doesn’t go unnoticed. On the 13th of April 1988, the two friends registered the trademark as an acronym created from the fusion of the first letters of their surnames. Brekka not only manages to overcome language barriers but also succeeds in realizing the company mission: breaking with tradition. At Mias, the most important sporting goods fair in Italy, Brekka presented Amaka Ski to the public. The first high-profile customer was La Rinascente, a well-known department store in Milan, followed by other clients from Austria, Spain and Switzerland. It has been a resounding success: during only 3 months, Amaka Ski sold more than 20 thousand items and became a Christmas best-seller. In 1989, after the deckchair success, Brekka launched Pantaski, an innovative ski pant, as well as Idea Ski, a multi-purpose snow bumbag. Bright colours and eye-catching layouts became key components of the brand identity, fully embodying the spirit of the mythical 80s.



THE 90's

During the 90s, Brekka continued its mission, bringing innovation and creativity to the ski accessories market. In 1992, the company launched the antifreeze mask, a brightly-coloured and functional accessory that was worn on ski slopes all over the world. Brekka became the official Italian Winter Sport Federation supplier and was worn by the most famous skiers in history: Alberto Tomba, Kristian Ghedina and Deborah Compagnoni. In 1995, the company introduced Cappelli Pazzi (Crazy Hats) a mountain hats line that took advantage of the new synthetic fleece fabric boom and achieved a remarkable success.
During the 90s, the brand expanded internationally into new markets such as Canada, Korea, Japan and the USA and developed a new official logo. The original inverted Italian flag was replaced by a thinking-head shaped spiral with a stylized moving man’s body with the tagline of “Brain at work”. The new logo perfectly sums up the characteristics and ambitions of the brand.


THE 2000's

2000-2010 was an important period in the evolution of the brand. At the beginning of the new millennium Brekka was a leader in the production of ski outdoors accessories for men, women and kids. However, there was a desire to temper the strong identification with winter and to associate the brand with other types of clothing. In 2003, Brekka introduced its first summer collection of T-shirts, sweaters and swim suits. In 2006, the launch of urban-styled knit accessories extended Brekka’s influence from the mountains to the city, starting a
brand evolution that would be fully realised during the following decade.


THE 2010's

The lightweight and packable Holiday Down Jacket was perfect for the outdoors and for urban living. Introducing this new product, Brekka has been able to bring innovation to clothing and this success has lead subsequent strategic choices and shown the path to the future. Brekka’s final urban revolution is the restyling of the logo: the spiral on an orange background has been replaced by white capital letters on a black background, creating a contrast that expresses the genuineness of the brand’s new identity.
Every year since 2015, Brekka has presented two outerwear and accessories collections; one collection for spring-summer, and the other for autumn-winter, following the fashion seasons. Innovation, attention to detail and creativity characterise all the products sold in approximately 1200 stores worldwide and on the website, www.brekka.it.