Brekka, the well known Italian brand of urban clothing and accessories inspired by technology, presents its SS22 campaign with a new creative vision dictated by its new ownership.

The theme of travel is protagonist of the shots set in the incredible Southern Maui, in Hawaii, among uncontaminated landscapes, lush vegetation, and suggestive waterfalls. For this trip Brekka ventured beyond the iconic Hawaiian beaches, exploring mountains, prairies and along with one of the most scenic roads in the world: the fascinating Road to Hana.


Inspired by adventure but with an urban twist, the new campaign tells the story of a collection designed for all modern explorers who love magical places on the edge of the world as well as the urban jungle, managing to balance the brand’s traditional technical style with its innovative soul. The protagonists of the shots are in fact Brekka’s SS22 technical garments which are harmonious even when combined with more casual items.

The campaign is the perfect union between Brekka’s passions and ideals, the creativity of photographer Floriana Giacinti, and the sensitivity of stylist Giorgia Ferrari, who has made each outfit the emblem of the globetrotter and perfectly embodies the brand’s path towards a more urban style.



The photographs, shot in analog, allow us to dive deep into Brekka’s SS22 collection composed of shorts, t-shirts, and windbreakers together with more urban garments such as sweatshirts and polo shirts. Both souls are declined in both feminine and masculine styles.

Like a real travel report, the campaign is an invitation to become a modern explorer and push one’s limits in search of new horizons.
From April 2022, the SS22 shots will be live on both Brekka’s social channels and e-commerce.

Photographer: Floriana Giacinti
Stylist: Giorgia Ferrari
Models: Avery Tavares e Louis Solywoda @Renew Artist