Brekka was officially founded in 1988, but few people know that the real story of the brand began a year earlier on the Courmayeur ski slopes with Amaka Ski, sanctioning the lasting bond between the Milanese company and the mountain world.

The first product of the company, an idea born from the observation and intuition of the two founders Andrea Bressi and Claudio Cannilla, is a nylon super colorful, practical, economical, easy to assemble and pocket-sized nylon hammock, created to take a break from skiing at any time.



A great success product in economic terms and of interest for the market, so much so that it convinced the two friends to create their own mountain sportswear brand in 1988 and to present themselves at MIAS, the international trade fair for sportswear and equipment, in September of the same year.

The Amaka Ski is an example of timeless innovation and genius, which is why after more than 30 years since its launch it has been selected among the Moncler Genius collaborations for 2019, becoming part of the Italian company’s project that aims to give vent to the creativity and inspiration of designers and stylists, to enrich the offer with innovative and intelligent products.



For the occasion, a limited edition of the iconic product has been created: a hammock with the graphics of the Grenoble line, sold in Milan’s, Paris’ and Tokyo’s temporary stores until January 2020.

Originality, the desire to break out of the box and the constant search for innovative design and materials are values born with the Amaka Ski, but which still define the essence of Brekka today.