Brekka is a brand in continuous evolution and with an eye to the future since its foundation in 1988.

As evidence of the new direction taken, the siblings Giuseppe and Anna Leonardi speak, in the article published in Affari & Finanza in January 2022: “We want to give a future to a brand like Brekka that has had great success on the ski fields and has marked a brilliant season in the world of sports”.



The future starts today, thanks to the new Fall-Winter 2022 collection that is looking forward without forgetting its roots, conveying in the urban line the values and technicalities of mountain fabrics, to create innovative, sustainable clothes suitable for every situation: in the city and in leisure time.

As confirmed by the General Manager Giuseppe Leonardi, the target of the Milanese brand is to grow in the domestic market and, above all, in the international one, thanks to a new concept of the brand and a path already undertaken that embraces the green philosophy: an essential and unavoidable theme for the new Brekka.


«We want to create inside and outside the company, a culture that rewards quality and sustainable development»


For Brekka, sustainability is a concept that is rooted at different levels of the company: it means being committed to reducing the impacts related to daily operations, selecting a responsible supply chain and developing a range of products respectful of the environment and the people who live in it, starting with the selection of raw materials.

With this in mind, the brand’s management is on its way to achieving B-Corp certification.